Bill de Blasio: ‘What I Have Been Doing As Mayor Of NYC Is What I Want To Do As President’
Paras Griffin/Getty Images for ESSENCE

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has plans should he win the White House in 2020. And as it turns out, those plans aren’t far off from what he says he has been doing all along as mayor of the Big Apple.

“We need a redistribution [of wealth] in this country,” de Blasio told ESSENCE.  

“In New York we put that in reverse. We show that you can actually put money back in the hands of working people. I want to do that for the country. Imagine a country where you had universal healthcare; imagine a country where every child got early childhood education for free,” de Blasio said. “These are the kinds of things that go at those structural problems. That help folks particularly in underserved communities to have not only real possibility, real opportunity, but to have hope.”

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