• People, Bill Cosby is not dead. On Monday, “Bill Cosby died” was the top trending topic on Twitter, so Cosby tweeted about it. “I’m rebutting rumors about my demise,” he wrote. “But I’m confirming I have an app,” he added for a little humor, pointing followers to the Bill Cosby iPhone app. [CNN]
  • Dennis Rodman was in a car accident in Florida that caused the Land Rover he was in to flip over on an interstate. The former NBA player walked away with a scratch on his finger. [People]
  • More news from T.I. and Tiny’s wedding comes trickling in. The two had a star-studded reception at Cameo in Miami Beach on Saturday night. Rihanna, Nelly, Ashanti, Jermaine Dupri, Usher and Jamie Foxx were all in the building. [PS]
  • A recent U.S. Census Bureau study states that African-Americans earn significantly less than Whites. The per-capita income for AAs is $18,054 compared to $28,502 for White Americans. [BV]
  • Did you get your new Kindle? announced that it has already sold out of its two new Kindle models. You can still order your e-reader; you’ll just have to wait until September 4 for it to ship. [AP]
  • President Obama’s appearance on “The View” was unprecedented for two reasons; it was the first time a sitting president appeared on a daytime TV show and it was the most-watched episode the program has ever had — with 6.57 million total viewers. [Marquee]
  • Mike Tyson says he signed on to appear in “The Hangover” to fund his drug habit. Although, the former heavyweight champ said he had already kicked his addiction by the time the cameras started rolling. [HP]
  • How do you feel about female condoms? Are they “weird” and “complicated” or “natura” and “empowering?” [CNN]