People Have Started Petitions to Stop Jeff Bezos From Coming Back to Earth After His July Space Trip
Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

Y’all, the internet is having a blast with Jeff Bezos! Following his announcement that he’s heading to space, two separate petitions have been making the rounds to demand that the Amazon founder and CEO stays there.

In one petition that has over 50,000 signatures, someone wrote “Being a billionaire in a world where poverty exists is unconscionable.” This was polite considering the more, well, explosive commentary on the petition website. Another simply said, “we don’t need this person on planet earth.”

Meanwhile, a different petition with over 20,000 signatures compares the corporate executive to Lex Luthor, the fictional Superman nemesis.

It’s hard to blame the petition-signers. There have been reports of Amazon’s tactics to burn through workers so they can’t collectively organize for better wages and working conditions, while Bezos’s profits, ahem, skyrocketed by an additional $58 billion during the pandemic as millions lost jobs. Clearly, people are losing patience with the world’s richest person.

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The planned space flight is July 20, and Bezos will be joined by his homeboys in outer space—his brother and an auction winner—for the 11-minute ride as part of his aerospace company, “Blue Origin.” Too bad he probably has his head in the clouds and hasn’t noticed any of these developments among the poors on Earth.

And that’s enough space puns for today!