Beyonce Pulled Off Stage By Fan in Brazil
Buda Mendes/Getty Images

Things quickly took a turn for the worse for Beyoncé during a performance in Brazil this Sunday.

While singing “Irreplaceable” at San Paulo’s Morumbi Stadium for the Rock in Rio Festival, a shirtless fan in the front row jumped on stage and pulled Beyoncé into the crowd.

It wasn’t long before security helped free the singer from the fan’s grip. She resumed singing without missing a note!

The man was almost thrown out of the venue for his aggressive behavior, but Beyoncé came to his defense allowing him to stay. She later made her way back over to him, shook his hand and asked for his name.

This isn’t the first time Beyoncé kept her cool during an onstage mishap. This summer, the singer’s hair got caught in a fan during a performance in Montreal. Back in May, a fan in Denmark reached on stage and slapped Beyoncé’s butt. Not so forgiving that time around, the singer told the fan she would have him escorted out of the venue.

Check out the frightening fan encounter below.