Breast Cancer Survivor Walks 1,000 Miles Topless to Share Her Inspiring Scar Story

‘Lemonade’ star, Paulette Leaphart walks 1,000 miles topless to embrace her breast cancer scars.

In 2014, Leaphart underwent a double mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Unfortunately, following her successful surgery, she was informed that she would not be a candidate for reconstructive breast implants due to pre-existing health conditions.

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Her initial response was, “What’s a woman without breasts?”

Scar Story follows Leaphart’s journey to physically and emotionally embrace her scars. The documentary chronicles the 1,000 mile journey Leaphart is currently on—from Biloxi, MS to Washington, DC—to demonstrate that we all have scars and that we should not be ashamed of them.

“We have scars for a reason,” says Leaphart. “They’re our story of survival.”

“Yes, I had cancer, and I kicked its ass; and I have the scars to prove it,” she asserts. “Somebody’s going to pay attention when they see a Black lady walking down the highway across the country with no shirt on.”

And she wasn’t kidding. Leaphart eventually grabbed the attention of Beyoncé, who featured the cancer survivor in her latest visual album ‘Lemonade.’

Leaphart hopes her journey helps women accept their perceived imperfections. She aims to reach the capital by her 50th birthday on June 27th.

We wish her the best of luck on her amazing journey! For more information, visit

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