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Hold Up: Watch What Happened When This Fan Got Too Close To Beyoncé

Overzealous fans should approach Beyoncé with caution because Jay Z won't be too far behind.

On Monday night, Jay Z and Beyoncé decided to enjoy an evening at SVA Theatre in New York City. Not surprisingly, word quickly spread that the two were there. 

TMZ caught the couple trying to bypass the crowd as their bodyguards shielded the two from paparazzi and fans. However, there was one overzealous fan that just couldn’t be stopped. 

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As Bey and Jay made their way to the car, the fan rushed to get a pic with the singer. In the clip, you can see Jay reach out to stop the fan with a look that would turn anyone to stone. Luckily, a bodyguard stepped in before Jay had to go full beast mode.

Let this be a lesson to fans and BeyHive members everywhere, be prepared to deal with Jay Z if you get to close to the queen.

Watch the video below: