Best Twitter Reactions to The #Zola Story


Aziah King, aka Zola, set Twitter alight yesterday as she detailed her suspensful life
Imani Brammer Oct, 29, 2015

In what the Internet is calling “Black Twitter’s answer to Zane,” a woman named Zola, (or Aziah King) wrote a Zane-worthy story that has captured everyone’s attention.

The 6,000-character story squeezed into 150 jaw-dropping tweets is about two strippers that just met on a trip to crazy to Florida, filled with money, guns, prostitution, suicide attempts, and a whole lot of drama.

Besides Zola’s riveting recollection of her escapades, Twitter kept the story going with these priceless reactions.

I’m pretty sure Aziah King (@_zolarmoon) just made literature the sixth element of hip hop

— Patrice A. Sulton (@SultonLaw) October 29, 2015