Best in Hair 2009

Half ‘n Half

While at least half the male population of the world wanted to put a ring on the lovely Beyonce after watching her dance in this music video, us gals were more enthralled with the beauty look. More specifically, that hair. Could it get any sexier (or easier) than the half up, half down look?! As a result, women everywhere have been spotted rocking the hair look, along with their new engagement rings.

Rat Tails

Ok, so we may love to use the actual tool (what sister doesn’t own a rat tail comb?!), but when it comes to actually wearing the style, the name sounds a bit odd. However, one look at Keri Hilson and our minds are instantly changed. Behind Rihanna, this is probably one of the coolest, most innovative hairstyles we’ve seen all year. We love the juxtaposition of the heavy, swooped bangs along with the angled fringe that perfectly frames the face of this cute songtress.

Perm Free

This was the year to set yourself free of all things toxic: old boyfriends, bad marriages, crappy diets and perms. Yes, perms. Perhaps it had something to do with the release of the movie ‘Good Hair’, but more women have released their tresses from the jaws of the “creamy crack” and are rocking their naturally curly locks or freshly blown out strands.

Side Shave

What’s second best to a shaved head? Why, a partly shaved head, of course! This year, we saw several celebrities (we think Cassie rocked it best) displaying their half bald best on red carpets everywhere.

Pump It Up

Pretty pompadours were one of the hottest hair looks of the year. The best part? It looks great with your fave little black dress (like Ciara’s, pictured here), as well as your jeans and a t-shirt.

Braided Beauty

We just couldn’t take our eyes off of the models walking the runways of Oscar de la Renta’s Spring 2010 fashion show. And it wasn’t just the clothes that had us hooked, but the beautiful braids. We may not be able to get our hands on the pretty frocks, but we definitely had no problem stealing this simply gorgeous hair look.

Rock a Doodle Do

Rock on Rihanna! She holds down the number one spot in hair trend history for setting herself apart from the pack with this great haircut: shaved on the sides and long and spiked out in the middle.

Blonde Ambition

This year, celebs everywhere lightened their load – of hair color that is. One of the most surprising moves we noticed wasn’t just the fact that singer Toni Braxton is back on the scene with a new album. It was more so about the fact that this blonde hair color does her looks good; and it seems like she’s having more fun because of it! (You did see that onstage kiss with uber sexy crooner Trey Songz at this year’s Soul Train Awards, right?!)

The New Wave

2009 was a great year for Zoe Saldana. She’s starring in the blockbuster movie ‘Avatar’ and looks fab on the cover of LIFE Magazine. But, what we found to be even more amazing about her was the fact that she took her usually long and sleek tresses to the new level of this cute waved bob. A great new look for this cute, young actress.