I have been in the beauty industry for over 10 years. During that time, beauty insiders have shared tips and tricks implemented by elite makeup artists and used only on their celebrity clients. One of the most popular secrets shared with the masses has been the concealer trick that is used to perfect eyebrows. When using the concealer trick, a makeup artist will use concealer to lightly highlight the area surrounding the brow in order to create a sharper, more defined brow outline.

Now, let’s be honest, while this method is an excellent technique for beating your face, it is a dangerous weapon in the hands of an ill-equipped makeup enthusiast. When used properly, you’ll be left with a set of fabulous brows. When used improperly, you’ll be left looking like an angry bird…and I’ve been seeing a lot of angry birds lately. The bad thing is that most ladies don’t even know that their brows are overdone. I see them walking down the street strutting their stuff like they know they look good. They have no idea that their brows already yelled “hello!!!” before they even parted their lips to a say a word.

Here are a few tips to help you perfect your brows using the concealer method without going overboard.

Find the proper shade of brow pencil
The whole point of the concealer method is to create natural looking brows. If you have dark hair you should use a pencil that is one or two shades lighter than your hair color. If you have lighter hair, you should use a shade that is one or two shades darker than your hair color. No one under the sun should own or use a black eyebrow pencil. No one. If you are having a difficult time finding a brow pencil shade that works for you, try a matte eyeshadow. There are literally hundreds of matte shades to choose from, so you are sure to find the best shade for you.

Select a concealer shade that works for your skin tone
One of the biggest issues women have when trying to perfect their eyebrows is using the wrong concealer color. Don’t just buy the first concealer color you see. Find a tone that complements your skin. Don’t go too light. Select a concealer that either matches your complexion exactly, or if you want to give your brows dimension select a color that is one shade lighter. Using a shade that is too light is a surefire way to tell the world that you draw on your brows.

Less is more
People tend to get heavy-handed with makeup these days and add too much concealer or brow pencil. I suggest building up to your desired look gradually to ensure you aren’t overdoing it. There’s nothing sexy about Cruella Deville Brows. Trust me on this one.

Use a spooly to finish your brows
A spooly is that brush that looks like a mascara applicator. Use it after you’ve applied your eyebrow pencil and concealer to buff out any harsh lines. This will ensure that your brows look flawless and natural.

Do you use the concealer trick for your eyebrows? Share your favorite products and tips for great looking brows below.

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Briana McCarthy is a writer, blogger and editor of The Mane Source. When she’s not blogging about hair and beauty, she’s enjoying her Chicago hometown with her hubby and two children. Chat her up on Facebook and Instagram.