Barnes & Noble Launches In-Store Beauty Section on College Campuses
Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble is the New Beauty Hotspot on college campuses. The mega book retialer just revealed its first in-store beauty shop called The Glossary. Designed with students in mind, the section will serve as a mini beauty store offering a mix of reasonably priced prestige and drugstore brands like Philosophy, Lipstick Queen, Smashbox and Maybelline.  

In an interview with Racked, Lisa Mazzio, Barnes & Noble Director of Merchandise, mentioned that the brand did extensive research to make sure the concept really suited college students. 

“The research that we did with the students was so detailed, we asked them how did they first discover makeup? We asked what are you looking for in makeup? We asked them what the essentials were, and then we asked them what the go-to brands are. They helped shape some of the brand selection for us,” Mazzio explained. 

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Barnes and Noble

Additionally, The Glossary may not be available on all college campuses; in fact, most of the concept stores will be available at schools that are far away from malls. “Most freshmen don’t have cars and transportation on campus to get to the mall,” Mazzio said.

Currently The Glossary is only available on four campuses: Emory University, Tulane University, Southern Methodist and The College of William & Mary. However, in August The Glossery will expand to include UC Riverside as well.

We’re all for marrying the concept of beauty and brains in one location — and what better place then the campus bookstore?