Barbie Just Got a Major Upgrade!
Instagram/ Barbie

She made her debut 50 years ago, but Barbie is just starting to look relatable to a larger group of young girls.

According to Time, Mattel Inc.’s iconic Barbie Doll is now available in tall, petite and curvy sizes. The curvy doll now boasts a less narrow waist and fuller hips, while the tall and petite models represent young women’s varying heights.
The dolls also feature a range of hair textures and colors, skin tones and facial features.

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Following years of public ridicule and criticism, Mattel has taken heed to a generation of girls and women who don’t want or need to fit any molds, and who want to see themselves reflected in the products they buy.

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“Yes, some people will say we are late to the game,” Evelyn Mazzocco, head of the Barbie brand, said to TIME. “But changes at a huge corporation take time.”

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The company hopes to send a message of inclusion and celebration of individuality to girls and parents who are increasingly concerned with representation.

What do you think of Barbie’s new look?