Baltimore Officers Violently Punch Crying Teen During Arrest
Brian Stablyk

The violent arrest of a teen in Baltimore is capturing national attention after a video of the incident went viral over the weekend.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Baltimore County police are reviewing body camera footage of a 16-year-old’s arrest after officers responded to a fight at Woodlawn High School last week.

Two 14-year-old girls were apparently in the midst of an argument when the 16-year-old violently intervened, grabbing one of the girl’s by the neck. She eventually broke free and pulled a knife from her bag.

Once the police arrived, they arrested the knife-wielding girl with no incident, but the arrest of the 16 year-old-boy turned violent once he started resisting.

The video begins when a female officer attempts to cuff the teen, who is sitting on the curb. When he does not cooperate, another male officer joins the female officer in grabbing and punching the 16-year-old boy. He can be heard crying throughout the incident.

Police said the 16-year-old boy was charged with second-degree assault, resisting arrest and second-degree assault on police. But his father says the charges are excessive.

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“He made a bad decision, but the procedure they used was not right,” said Alonzo Cox Sr., the teen’s father. He also said that his son has an  impulse control disorder, according to Fox News’ Baltimore affiliate.

“My son is not a bad kid. I don’t think he deserved to be beat like the way he was beat.”

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