BAFTAs Puts Oscars To Shame With New Diversity Initiative

It’s pretty well-known that movies and television quite often lack diversity, but the British Academy of Film and Television Arts is changing that with a new initiative that the Oscars should definitely consider. 

It was recently announced that from now on, films will not be considered for two of the most significant BAFTA categories — outstanding British film and outstanding debut by a British writer, director or producer — if they are not diverse. In order to be considered for these awards, films must meet two out of four of the following criteria to show that they made an effort to improve diversity in various areas:

  • -Senior roles and crew
  • -Audience access and appeal to under-represented audiences
  • -On-screen characters and themes
  • -Industry training and career progression
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  • The BAFTAs have also changed their criteria for becoming a member in order to widen the pool of applicants. Those applying for membership no longer have to have recommendations from BAFTA members. 

It’s a step in the right direction in an effort to increase the opportunities and representation of groups that are often ignored or underrepresented. Hopefully, the Academy takes a page from their book, we don’t need another #OscarsSoWhite situation.