A recent study conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that babies across America are not getting enough of the critical nutrient Vitamin D. According to the CDC’s study, 90 percent of breast-fed and 63 percent of formula-fed babies are not receiving the recommended amount of Vitamin D. Absorbed through the skin from sunlight, Vitamin D is necessary to support healthy bones, strong immune systems and a variety of other bodily functions in children and adults. While doctors previously acknowledged the risk of Vitamin D deficiency in breast-fed babies, the study’s findings suggest that even babies that are fed vitamin-rich formula may need to take a supplement to get the right amount of the critical nutrient. According to Health.com, Black parents should pay even closer attention to their babies’ Vitamin D intake, as people with darker pigmentation do not produce as much Vitamin D as lighter-skinned people do when exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D supplements, which come in the form of drops, can be found at your local drug store. Popular brands include Enfamil Di-Vi-Sol Vitamin D Supplement Drops and Vitamin Shoppe Liquid Baby Vitamin D-3 400 Iu. Adults should consider taking Vitamin D supplements of their own if they are not receiving the right amount of the critical nutrient. Read More: