Texas Woman Who Grew Her Fingernails Over 18 Feet Long Shares Her Daily Routine
Anthony Harvey

It took one Texas woman around 20 years to break the 2018 Guinness World Record for the world’s longest fingernails for a female.

Ayanna Williams spends 20 hours and uses two bottles of nail polish to paint her shiny and colorful nails that stretch 18 feet and 10.9 inches long.

“I usually do them once a month,” she tells PEOPLE Now. “I use acrylic, which is two products combined.”

And the day-to-day upkeep is just as arduous.

“I wash them about three times a day,” she says. “I clean with them a brush at the sink. I use disinfectant or bleach.”

Williams wouldn’t be able to have such long nails if she didn’t have help from her granddaughters who do chores around the house. She can’t wash dishes and has to use a pencil or one of her knuckles to use the computer or her cell phone.

“Sometimes if I’m eating popcorn I use a spoon,” she says, adding that she also has a problem with eating hamburgers in public.

What would it take for her to cut them?

“Six figures,” she says.

This story originally appeared on PEOPLE.com.