Two words come to mind when pondering the results of the latest poll on women’s shopping habits: No. Way. Do all those hours spent shopping for bargains really add up to three years? According to a new survey conducted on 2000 women by OnePoll.com, yes they do. In fact a woman living up to 63 years old is expected to spend 25,184 hours and 53 minutes or three years of her lifetime shopping. Per year that’s 49 hours spent window shopping, 40 hours trying on shoes (this is justifiable, we can prove it), 36 hours picking out gifts, 31 hours browsing books and 17 hours buying toiletries. We can just see the news headlines now: Women wasting away their lives in pursuit of a bargain. We’re not buying it. It’s too easy to cast women as frivolous spenders who devote their lives to shopping for clothes and shoes, but we know that’s not the whole truth. Even a spokesperson for the survey specified that most women “quite often shop for the entire family and that can be incredibly hard work.” Take the fact that the average woman spends 94 hours and 55 minutes at the grocery store every year, just a few hours less than the 100 hours and 48 minutes she spends shopping for clothes. So men, there you have it: women spend almost as much time making sure there’s food in the fridge as they do making sure their shoe game is on point. Take that, boyfriends and husbands. Read More: