‘It’s On:’ Ava DuVernay Checks Donald Trump Over Criticism Of ‘Hamilton’ Cast
Ray Tamarra/GC Images

The cast of Hamilton expressed the feelings of many Americans concerned about the future of the country following the election when they publicly addressed Vice President-elect Mike Pence during a recent performance.

But award-winning filmmaker Ava DuVernay was not having it when Donald Trump tried to paint their words in a negative light.

Photos and video of the former Indiana governor attending a performance of the critically acclaimed Broadway phenomenon on Friday evening quickly made its way around the Internet. Pence and his family were greeted with a chorus of ‘boos’ from the audience as they took their seats and once the show was over, the entire cast remained on stage to address him directly. After a brief ‘thank you’ for attending the show, cast member Brandon Dixon employed the incoming Vice President to ensure that his new administration work diligently to address the issues affecting the diverse population in America.

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Surrounded by the cast, Dixon also noted the widespread concern over worries that the Trump administration would not protect, defend, or uphold the rights of “diverse America” as leaders of the country. 

Despite the respectful tone of the cast’s message to Pence, Trump took issue with their words and, per usual, let the world know of his disapproval on Twitter.

Once Ms. DuVernay caught wind of Trump’s response to the cast, she sent him a tweet of her own to put him “in his place.”

Pence has also since spoken out to say that he actually was not offended by the message from the Hamilton cast. Watch the cast address Pence in the video below: