Good luck getting your hands on one of these Barbies this holiday season.

Black women everywhere cheered on Sunday when Selma director Ava DuVernay announced that Barbie would be mass-producing her previously limited edition Barbie doll. However, those cheers turned to sobs when the dolls sold out within one hour of hitting virtual shelves, NBC News reports.

“We’re excited to share that the @AVAETC #Barbie doll has sold out!” Barbie tweeted yesterday afternoon. “Thank you all for your excitement and making this collab such a success.”

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Mattel created a single version of the Barbie in April as part of its Sheroes line. The doll was auctioned off, with its proceeds going to charity. DuVernay’s army of fans weren’t having it, though, demanding that the toymaker make the Barbie available to the public (spoiler: Barbie execs gladly complied).

Though Mattel has not said when more dolls would be available, all hope is not lost—you can still get your hands on the doll, which retails for $65. That is, if you’re willing to shell out a cool $350 on eBay.