August Alsina Shares Emotional Video From His Visit With Alton Sterling’s Aunt
@augustalsina via Instagram

The police killing of 37-year-old Black father Alton Sterling has left a community demanding answers and R&B singer August Alsina is getting involved in the fight for justice.

As the investigation into Alton’s death continues, media, local residents and Alton’s family members have been frequenting the gas station where he was fatally shot at point blank range by a Baton Rouge police officer during an arrest last Tuesday. August, who is a Louisiana native, recently visited the gas station to pay his respects, grieve with the local community and speak with Alton’s family. 

In addition to a series of photos taken during his time spent in Baton Rouge, August shared an emotional video clip on his Instagram page of Alton Sterling’s aunt delivering powerful words to the crowd gathered inside the gas station store. “No more of my Black children is gonna die by the hands of anybody! Black, white, yellow, green or brown,” she proclaimed. “You got to learn from right here!”

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August is no stranger to speaking out against police brutality and violence in the Black community in general. Much of his music carries messages of encouragement, pain, hope and fearlessness in the face of the adversity many of today’s Black youth are confronted with on a daily basis. Back in June of last year, August also used the music video for his single “Hip Hop” as a platform to advocate for the Black Lives Matter movement. The visual was shot in his hometown of New Orleans and was followed by a video trailer for his sophomore album, This Thing Called Life, which also addressed the police brutality epidemic. 

“We are Kings, Our women are Queens,” he told his followers in a recent IG caption. “We must remain conscious of that while they attempt to rob & rip us of ALL. We must Stand with our heads high & walk tall.”

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