Georgia High School Teachers Welcome Students To Virtual Learning In Viral Video

Two Georgia high school teachers have gone viral after remixing Jack Harlow’s “What’s Poppin” to welcome their students to online learning as we continue to adjust to the coronavirus pandemic.

Audrianna Williams and Callie Evans, both teachers at the Monroe Comprehensive High School, said that they wanted to show their students that they can still have a good beginning to the school year, even though they will currently be learning virtually.

“We wanted to meet them where they were, just to get them excited about virtual learning because some may feel kind of nervous or upset,” Evans told WFXL. “We just wanted to show them you can still have a good time and be ready to learn, virtually.”

And the videos did just that, with students now excited to engage in class, according to Williams.

“Students are so excited to log in virtually with me and Mrs. Evans,” she said. “They are just so excited to learn, and they are actually engaging in class like they already know me. It’s a wonderful feeling.”

It’s a good thing that the students are excited to learn too, as Evans reminded them in her video that “you got options, but you better pass class—no floppin’.”

The teachers, who are also cheerleading coaches, also involved some of the students, featuring their cheerleaders (who were all wearing masks) as backup dancers for the catchy videos.

“It’s about the students and getting them excited for school and getting them excited about their teachers and where they are and exuding school pride where they are,” Williams added. “So if the teachers hopped on, they can do their own ‘What’s Poppin’ challenge and get the whole city excited.”


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