East Atlanta isn’t the only place getting a love letter from 6LACK. 

In dope news of the day, the Atlanta entertainer partnered up with the Drop4drop organization to bring smiles and fresh clean water to a community in Uganda. In an Instagram post he shared, “I appreciate music for changing my life, but I love it even more for being the vehicle to do more in the world.”

Drop4drop is a charity that brings clean water to developing countries. Through their work with artists and celebs such as 6LACK, they are on a mission to alleviate the world water crisis and provide clean water for all.

6LACK is no stranger to giving back either.

Last year, he donated $10,000 to the “Music Cares Foundation” to help other up and coming artists who may be struggling on their brink of success.

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In the post he continued, “The best part about finding success, is having the ability to do things that seemed so farfetched as a kid.”

We love to see Hip Hop giving back!


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