Whether you spend Valentine’s Day snuggled up with your boo or raging with your single girlfriends, there’s one variable that’s a non-negotiable. You must have soft, sexy, touchable hair. When you’re hair looks and feels irresistible, you’re already halfway to a phenomenal night! The only issue? It’s February, and the freezing cold weather can dehydrate your hair, leaving it dull, dry, and decidedly uncute. Here, we got New York City-based celeb hairstylist Amoy (Joy Bryant is a fan!) to give us her top tips on how to score soft, sexy strands by the fourteenth, 1. TREAT YOUR TRESSES: “When your hair is dull and dehydrated, a shot of moisture will make all the difference. Hit the salon for a deep conditioning treatment, or apply a hair mask once a week, at home. I like Terax Original Crema Ultra Moisturizing Conditioner ($22).” 2. GET GLOSSY: “If your highlights are looking blah, brassy, or faded-out, ask your stylist for a Cellophane Gloss treatment. This is just a clear, shine-enhancing treatment that adds oomph and sparkle to dull hair…it’s absolutely safe to use with a relaxer. The results are so sexy!” 3. SNIP SNIP: “This may seem obvious, but get a trim before Valentine’s Day! Clean edges makes your hair look a thousand times bouncier and more healthy.” 4. CLARIFY THINGS: “Product buildup is a sexy hair killer. If you use tons of product in your hair, consider washing with a clarifying shampoo to strip your strands of grease, pomades, hairspray and styling lotions. Your hair will thank you!” Try Pantene Pro-V Clarifying Shampoo ($5.79). 5. ROLL BOUNCE: “Whether your hair is Rihanna-short or long like Gabrielle Union’s, a great roller set will add lots of sexy volume and bounce. First, spritz a hairspray like L’oreal Ellnet Hairspray ($14.47) at the roots for volume,  then add some hot rollers–I like Conair MiniPro Compact Hair Rollers ($19.99)–and let them sit while you do your makeup. When the rollers are cool, remove and shake your hair out. You’ll have a nice cascade of pretty curls.” 6. SWEET SCENTS: “On Valentine’s Day, spritz perfume on the nape of your neck before going out. You’lll leave a sultry waft of fragrance wherever you go.” 7. FRESHEN UP: “If, by the 14th, you’re on the second or third day of your ‘do, get rid of oily roots by spraying a brush with dry shampoo, and then brushing hair. I’m a huge fan of Rene Furterer Naturia Dry Shampoo ($11).” Read more: