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Ask the Experts: Will My Edges Grow Back?

Yes, there's hope for your thinning edges. Read on for expert advice on how to thicken up your hairline.

When it comes to Black hair, many of us are living on the edge—literally and figuratively. In the quest for fabulous braids, weaves, color treatments and updos, we’re seeing our sisters struggle with hair loss around the hairline. If your thinning edges are slowly getting more and more sparse, I have good and bad news to share.

The good news is if you have peach fuzz or very short hair around your hairline, you can get your lush, full edges back.

The bad news is if you feel a smooth surface around your hairline—similar to the shiny scar tissue that grows back after you scrape your knee or elbow— I’m sorry, but your hairline cannot grow back in.

I caught up with Diane Bailey to get more information on what you can do to repair breakage and ensure it doesn’t happen again. Read them here!