Ask The Experts: How To Cut Down Styling Time In The Morning
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Getting Beyoncé’s “I woke up like this” hair hardly ever happens. Most mornings we’re rushing to get to work and our crazed strands get swooped to the side, or worse—thrown into a messy bun. And if we’re lucky, our week old curls still look halfway descent and we lather on moisturizer to perk them up. Clearly we haven’t mastered a morning routine, but celebrity hairstylist Cesar Ramirez and L’Oréal Paris Consulting Hair Expert, Mara Roszak have offered a few tips to help.

Prep At Night
“Using a silk pillowcase and or a silk scarf wrap can help stop your hair from frizzing and reverting,” says Ramirez. “Try setting your hair in pin curls at night, it creates body and waves ready for the next day.” In addition to a silk scarf, Roszak suggests wrapping your hair into a bun. “Wrapping hair into a loose bun for bed will help tame the hair,” she says.

Get Organized
The key to a successful morning routine is organization. Keep your must-haves in an area that’s easy to find to stay ahead of the game.

Stay Focused
“The more conscious one is in maintaining healthy hair and a good styling routine, the more possible it can be to style in 5-10 minutes,” says Ramirez.

Work With What You Have
“One way to cut the time down is to work with the texture you naturally have, instead of fighting it,” says Roszak. “If you allow your hair to dry most of the way naturally until it’s about 70 percent dry, it makes it much easier to [manage].”