UPDATE 11/18/09: An ABC news video shows Army spc. Alexis Hutchinson’s 10-month-old with his grandmother. Hutchinson faces a number of charges for missing her deployment. She is being held at the Hunter Army Airfield.


Army Mom Skips Deployment to Stay With Son

An Army mom refused her deployment to Afghanistan to stay at home with her baby, and now she could face criminal charges. Single mother, Army spc. Alexis Hutchinson, 21, passed up her deployment because she says no family members are capable of looking after her ten-month-old son, Kamani. Hutchinson’s mother already takes care of three other relatives and runs an at-home day-care and can not take on another responsibility Hutchinson argues and she does not want to place her child in foster care.

According to the Associated Press, Hutchinson has been in the custody of Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, GA. since military police arrested her for not showing for her flight 10 days ago.

Kevin Larson, a representative from the Hunter Army Airfield, said that Hutchinson would not have been deployed, as a single parent with no alternative child care, had she shown up for her flight. They are keeping her in Georgia while they investigate the case.