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Are You the Next Social Media Billionaire?

Look at the current landscape of social media, there's room for your business in the coming future.
Remember back in the day when established media referred to the “World Wide Web” as the Wild Wild West? Fast forward to now and digital entrepreneurs are having the last laugh.

Consider this, Facebook’s upcoming initial public offering this month now has a market valuation of $95 billion. And as the networks still struggle to pull their pilots together for next week’s television upfronts, digital media companies have already stolen some of their thunder at the Digital Content New Fronts, where advertising online spending is expected to grow by up to $2 billion this year. Digital media companies put on quite a show.

YouTube rolled out its big guns including Sofia Vergara, who is launching Mi Vida Con Toty, a new series on the Website starring the Modern Family actress and her son, Manolo.

One of our favorite presentations was PopSugar’s Digital New Front, which blended Willy Wonka and the “Think Pink” number from Funny Face to spotlight the female friendly site’s energetic programming and camera ready editors.

But what was missing at the Digital Content New Fronts was a bit of brown sugar. We know that African-American women are over indexing on Twitter, and quiet as it’s kept, transforming Facebook and Pinterest. At next year’s New Fronts it would be great to see cultural phenomenon This Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl or your own site or media company.

We believe that innovators and thinkers like you are the next social media billion dollar ladies.