Angie Stone; Singer-songwriter-record producer, 47.

This R&B star and occasional actress is a natural wonder who spares no expense when it comes to her beauty

Star Treatment:
Massages, manicures and pedicures. I’m in the public eye so much, I have to keep myself together.

Makeup Secrets: I’ve been blessed with beautiful skin. And it seems like the more I age, the softer my skin becomes, so I can just throw on some lip gloss and that’s it. I don’t do facials and peels-at this point I think I would damage my natural beauty by trying to keep up. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

In the Bag: Elemis skin care, water and plain old Vaseline. I stumbled across Elemis products while in Jamaica having a body massage. I use the entire line day and night to keep my skin rejuvenated. I love the De-Stress Massage Oil ($52, at This all costs me about 800 bucks, so I’m good for the rest of the year.

Manestays: My beautician uses Crème of Nature Shampoo and Conditioner to keep my natural hair soft and healthy. Other favorites include Kimble Bounce Back Curl Revitalizer ($9, and Clairol Beautiful Collection Hair Color to maintain my jet-black hair color.

Shipshape: I think my shape is in my genes, as most of the women in my family are very curvy. Growing up I was the “brick house.” Even when I gained the weight over the years from medication, my curves were still there. The change started with the “Celebrity Fit Club” show on VH1 two years ago. I just changed my habits. I didn’t make a big deal about it, I just paced myself and said I’m not going to talk about it-I’m just going to be about it. I’m the kind of person that when I put my mind to something, it’s a wrap. Now that I’ve lost weight, the body is coming back. And though I’m not a gym girl anymore, I do a lot of walking and make sure that I do something involving an activity to maintain my health and my size-14 figure. My family is a member of the Y, so we go and play basketball twice a week. I also bowl a lot, and that’s exercise enough for me. What’s most revealing is being in this space at my age and being able to get my body back and still appear youthful.

Diet Saviors: I don’t drink soda or juices, or eat candy-I’ve never been a junk-food eater or a snacker. I have to be reminded to eat. I eat pretty healthy. I love my mom’s home cooking, but even then I’ll eat vegetables like collard and mustard greens or yams.

Last Laugh:
I always hid my skinny legs. But I was photographed once wearing a dress, and at that point my weight was down and my legs were in shape from exercising. That photo was the first time that I saw my legs as beautiful, and I realized, finally, that I was beautiful in every area that God made me. Even though in my mind my legs were super-skinny-all of a sudden they were super-sexy.