“…When I look at a role, I will deliberately find the joy, the sensitivity, the strength, the vulnerability, the resilience. Because that’s what I appreciate about women and Black women, in particular. That’s what I want to celebrate — our resilience and our strength…” —Angela Bassett

ESSENCE celebrates “simply the best” African-American actresses in Hollywood for its fourth annual ESSENCE Black Women in Hollywood Awards: Angela Bassett, Viola Davis, Jennifer Hudson and Loretta Devine.

In “Unstoppable,” Angela Bassett shows us that even without the glam and glitz of Hollywood, she would still find her way to a stage — her passion for acting runs that deep. But the true source of her happiness lies in her faith and family. And the best is still yet to come…

Meet Channa, who attended ESSENCE’s Black Women in Hollywood event, and the other lucky ladies who have learned how to be red-carpet fabulous, thanks to L’Oreal Paris Academy.