Andra Day Dishes on Her Signature Pompadour, Says ‘I Avoid Hairspray’
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Cassandra Monique, who goes by the stage name Andra Day, solidifies post-millennial elegance through her music, beauty, and hair. From her signature cat eye and bold lips to her pin-up curls reminiscent of Lena Horne and Dorothy Dandridge, Day  knows how to shut down any red carpet.

“I’ve been putting very natural products in my hair,” she recently shared with Glamour Magazine when asked about her natural hair. “I use this GPB glycogen protein balancing conditioner by Aubrey Organics that I love. I style my hair so frequently that I need a really good conditioner to keep it moisturized. I think it’s a big trend right now to do everything naturally. And I definitely take that approach with my hair.”

Red-Lipped Maven: Andra Day Talks Beauty

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Looking to wear your hair like the famous retro- signer? Recreating her classic style is easy—simply prepare hair in Bantu knots the night before. Unravel in the morning and pin up the coils or let the fly free in the front before adding a multi-colored scarf on the back of the head.

“I try to avoid hairspray, gel, and heat as much as I can—I will use a pomade or a very heavy conditioner to style it the way that I want it,” she says. “I play with doing a forehead bun a lot, just a bantu knot right in front of the forehead and keep it in with a clip. And I like doing real pinup styles but based on my natural hair.”