The 16-year-old Evansville, Indiana Olive Garden hostess who was allegedly targeted when a white customer demanded a non-Black server has now quit her job, with the intent of filing a lawsuit.

Amirah Donahue, in quitting, cited what has become a hostile work environment, with coworkers and superiors retaliating against the teen for speaking out about the discrimination she faced at the hand of the customer, according to a Facebook post from local law firm Danks and Danks.

Update:Today Amira made the decision to resign from her position as a host at Olive Garden. Her decision was made…Posted by Danks and Danks, Attorneys at Law on Saturday, March 7, 2020

According to the firm, the final straw occurred last weekend when Amira allegedly overheard a coworker quip “Black people will do anything for money,” and “I don’t like her.”

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“We stand with Amira and fully support her decision. She has been strong in facing adversity and brave for exposing it,” the post added. “We will continue the fight for Amira and hold Olive Garden responsible for its treatment of employees.”

Donahue told 44News that despite the backlash, she knew she had to keep on pushing through with her story, and working to change the culture of her community.

“I just wish Evansville would really do better. That’s all I can say,” she said.

Although details are still being hashed out, attorney Brandon Danks, who is representing Donahue told the news station that they are “anticipating litigation.”

“When there’s an employment discrimination claim, we could be involved with the EEOC, and ultimately in court,” he added. “Right now we’re just investigating and monitoring things. But we do expect to eventually file something.”