Amber Rose Posts Selfie with Kim Kardashian and the World Collectively Gasps

Well, it looks like this Twitter feud is officially old news.

Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian shocked the world last night when they each posted a selfie with each other.

Dear Kanye, It’s Time to Let Go of Amber Rose!

“Swingers,” wrote Rose, while Kardashian captioned her pic, “Tea, anyone?”

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Though we don’t know the details of the meet-up, it was assumed that relations between the two were frayed since Kanye went off on a Twitter rant last week against Wiz Khalifa, Rose’s ex. During his series of tweets, West dragged Rose (and her son!) into the drama, referring to her as a stripper.

Rose was quick to retort, tweeting that West, whom she dated for two years, must miss her, um, booty play.

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Kardashian remained silent during the entertaining back and forth, but it looks like she’s willing to give her hubby a pass for his behavior and bury any hard feelings against Rose.

No mo’ drama in their lives!