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Alton Sterling's 15-Year-Old Son Breaks Down In Tears During Family Press Conference

After facing the facts of the brutal murder of his father, Alton Sterling, 15-year-old Cameron Sterling breaks down in tears during the family press conference, which addressed the chilling events that claimed Sterling's life.
Alton Sterling’s 15-Year-Old Son Breaks Down In Tears During Family Press Conference
NBC News

As the country continues to process the execution-style police killing of 37-year-old Baton Rouge resident Alton Sterling that was caught on camera in the wee hours of the morning on Tuesday, a press conference held by his family has provided a heartbreaking visual of the effects that Alton’s death has had on the family he left behind.

Speaking to a room full reporters, Quinyetta McMillan gave a chilling account of the events that claimed Alton’s life. She’d barely begun to speak when she and Alton’s 15-year-old son Cameron Sterling broke down in tears as he stood at her side.  

Here’s Everything We Know About The Alton Sterling Police Killing

He continued to sob uncontrollably as Quinyetta described the unimaginable feeling of her son and Alton’s other young children having to repeatedly watch the footage of their father being shot at point blank range by a Baton Rouge police officer following an arrest.

Protests are continuing in Baton Rouge as the Louisiana community and the African-American community at large search for answers and demand justice for Alton and the many other young Black men gunned down by police in the wake of the growing police brutality epidemic sweeping the Black community.

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