It’s only been a year since Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz welcomed a healthy baby boy named Egypt Daoud Dean. But for Mr. and Mrs. Beatz it’s more about raising a young man who’s going to be charitable more than musical.

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The couple worked the red carpet together at Alicia Keys’ 8th Annual Black Ball charity event benefiting kids with HIV/AIDS in Africa and India and revealed their big plans for their son.

“For him to be able to see what happens in the world and be able to see different cultures and people and happenings — I think it opens up your mind wide up,” said Keys, according to People.

More than anything, Keys wants her little man to grow up and change the world — perhaps just as much as she did. “I think as a compassionate person, which I really want to teach him to be, you naturally want to lend and be a part change. I know that naturally he’ll find the thing he’s passionate about and want to change.”

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Ironically, Keys is already in mommy mode with Egypt. She’s looking to curb the gifts he gets so the attitude of giving can set in at an early age. “His birthday came [last month] and there are like a hundred, billion, trillion thousand gifts. That can’t happen for Christmas. I need to figure this out now because he’s not going to be this terror 5-year-old child [shouting[, ‘Give me!'”

Amen to that!

It’s inspiring to see Keys and Beatz working in unison to raise a child to give back. Sounds like these two could write a parenting book for all to use.


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