Alicia Keys is proud of her curves and thinks women across the globe look much better when they are “a bit thicker, bigger and more robust.”

The piano maven sat down for a candid interview with Amanda de Cadenet on The Conversation and revealed her feelings on body image. “I think that we as females are like the most beautiful, gorgeous creatures on the world I think that we’re gorgeous no matter what size we are,” she says confidently. “I’m grateful that I actually feel like that because I think a lot of us feel we have to be some little, tiny size in order to beautiful.”

The mommy of one says beauty isn’t defined by the outside, but by the brain and heart of the individual. “We’re beautiful because of how your mind works and you’re beautiful because you have this gorgeous heart and that comes from way more than you fitting in some size two dress… I love being a woman.”

In light of her recent conversation on body image, the singer says women have become age conscious as well and it’s harmful to one’s self-esteem. “Age consciousness, which I think is another one ridiculously pressed upon women, whereas men can become old, refined and gray and they are suddenly so handsome. But a woman becomes gray and she’s old and that’s so not true.” Keys says she’s looking forward to getting older, she truly wants the air of confidence that comes with wisdom and age.


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