Alicia Keys Asks Rep. Paul Ryan to be Her Valentine (But It’s Not What You Think!)
Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic
Do Alicia Keys and Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan have a Most Unlikely Couple superlative in their future? Well, not exactly. In a video for Mic, the singer wrote a “love letter” to Rep. Ryan asking him to spread some love by passing a criminal justice reform bill. Alicia Keys Joins Campaign To Tackle Mass Incarceration “Are you cool, Paul?” Keys purrs flirtatiously. “Show me how cool you are. In fact, you can maybe be my Valentine if you help me spread some love. Help bring justice reform to a vote so we can help keep families together and help those who have been unjustly torn apart by excessive incarceration instead of just getting the help they needed. Can you do that, Paul?” Keys posted the video as part of her We Are Here organization, which advocates for political justice, women’s rights and climate issues, and she urged people to join her fight and send their own “love letters” to Rep. Ryan. Alicia Keys And Jay Z To Speak At Harvard’s Annual African American Studies Conference “So you’re welcome in advance for the thousands of love notes that are coming your way,” she said. “Okay? Well, that’s it. I think you’re so special. And keep me posted on all our progress and how we can work together. Sincerely, Alicia Keys.” Visit to find out how you can declare your love to Congress.

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