Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson Called to Promote Affordable Care Act
Getty Images

President Barack Obama hopes several big name celebrities will join him to promote his health care plan, reports RollingStone.

The president met with stars, or their representatives, Monday to discuss plans to push the Affordable Care Act. Among them were Alicia Keys (who sent a rep) and Jennifer Hudson. He also invited YouTube and Funny or Die, as he’s seeking their assistance in creating promotional videos featuring comedians.

Obama hopes that with their help, he will be able to better inform younger, uninsured Americans about the new health insurance marketplace, opening for enrollment on October 1st.

Young people are vital to the success of the Affordable Care Act’s success as insurers need healthy young consumers to help offset the costs of older, more sickly ones. The White House estimates it needs 2.7 million young adults to sign up for health coverage in 2014.

Obama is no stranger to getting celebrities to join his initiatives. Last year he enlisted the help of stars like Keys, Jay Z, Beyoncé and Stevie Wonder to encourage people to vote during the 2012 presidential election.

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