Any fan of celebrity tweets and Facebook accounts will be stricken with grief today, as famous folks like Kim Kardashian, Serena Williams, Usher and Lady Gaga withdraw from their computers and suffer a “digital death” in support of Alicia Keys’ charity, Keep a Child Alive. The celebs, in support of World AIDS Day, will sacrifice their own digital life until they have been “resuscitated” by giving fans who donate $1 million to the cause. Keep a Child Alive, which finances medical care and support services for children and families affected by HIV and AIDS in Africa and India, hopes that the absence of celebrity tweets and status updates from the likes of Jennifer Hudson and Justin Timberlake will spawn their fans to purchase $35 gray t-shirts with scan-ready barcodes and text celebrity names like “KIM” to “90999” in order to buy their favorite celebrity’s digital life back, all while donating to the charity’s efforts. Multiple Grammy winner Alicia Keys is the co-founder of the charity, and says that using technology to build support for the cause is “really exciting.” “No foundation has used the technology before like we are,” she says.”You’re always texting your friends,” she says. “Now, you’re going to text to Buy Life.”   To help resuscitate Keys and her celebrity friends, visit

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