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Al Sharpton, Spike Lee Join Forces to Push for Gun Violence Awareness Month

"We must deal with violence to one another," Sharpton said at a New York rally yesterday.

Al Sharpton and Spike Lee are banding together to put an end to our country’s rampant gun violence.

The New York Daily News reports that the civil rights activist and the filmmaker, along with New York Reps. Charles Rangel and Hakeem Jeffries, are advocating for a national gun violence awareness month every June. Though the month already exists in the state of New York, the team will introduce the nationalized idea to Congress in the upcoming weeks.

“It is imperative as we continue to deal with…violence by police, that we also reiterate we must deal with violence to one another,” Sharpton said during a New York rally yesterday.

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Spike is already planning an anti-gun protests following the premiere of his latest movie, Chiraq, later today. If Congress were to pass legislation declaring June National Gun Violence Awareness Month, Sharpton vowed to host numerous “peace summits” throughout the nation, and members of his National Action Network said that they would stop large corporations from profiting off of gun sales.

“We decided that we have to share the pain equally with hose who make the money,” National Action Network employee Kirsten John Foy said at the rally. “We will find out who you are, and we will tell the world you make your money off of the shedding of the innocent blood on our streets. If we’re going to be mopping up blood on Main Street, you’re going to be losing money on Wall Street.”