Al Roker is over the moon and is wearing his dad title proudly after his son informed him that he was accepted into college.

The Today Show host took to social media last week to share the news in a 25-second video clip with his followers.

The video starts with Roker’s son, Nick, staring at his phone. Deborah, Roker’s wife, then ask Nick “so what happened?”

To which Nick responds and says, “I got accepted.” He then goes on to inform his parents that he has been accepted into two colleges.

Roker than ask Nick “are you excited?” Nick responds with a big smile on his face and states that he is “excited.”

This is huge news for Roker and his family because Nick was diagnosed with autism and has struggled with reaching milestones over the years. In the past, Roker has shared on Today Show  some of the challenges Nick has faced with being on the autism spectrum and how he was able to overcome them.

On Thursday, an excited Deborah appeared on The View and shared her son’s good news with the show hosts.

“Many of you know, we have been on a journey with our son Nick, who over his lifetime has been dealing with learning disabilities, developmental disabilities. But he has accomplished so many things…He just got accepted into college,” Deborah stated.

At this time, Roker has not revealed which school Nick plans to attend.

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