Congressman Al Green Plans To Launch Third Impeachment Attempt Against President Trump
Melina Mara

Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) is planning to reintroduce new articles of impeachment in the House next week following President Donald Trump’s racist comments about Haiti and African countries.

“The articles will be presented next week and they’ll be voted on next week,” he told the Houston Chronicle.

He added: “This is related to his statements about Africa, the ugly language that he used, his language as it relates to people in Haiti. These statements cannot be ignored. The Congress has within its power to impeach a president for the language that he uses that causes harm to our society.”

This is Green’s third attempt at bringing an impeachment voted to the House, and he believes that Trump’s language is reason enough to remove him from office. Green’s second impeachment attempt in December died after a 364-58 vote to “table” the resolution, according to the Texas Tribune.

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi has publicly denounced impeachment efforts in the past, calling attempts “a waste of time.”