After the Show: The Premiere of ‘Black Jesus’ Was…Complicated
Adult Swim

The controversial premiere of Black Jesus was just that: Controversial. Titled “Smokin’, Drinkin’, and Chillin’,” the episode included Jesus and “his homies” in regular homie-esque activities (smokin’, drinkin’ and chillin’) and ended with them starting their own community garden—which will not only be full of fresh veggies, but also fresh ‘herb.’ 

Millenials might fully understand the satirical humor of the show. Jesus turning water into brandy instead of wine, and paying for things with “kindness, compassion and love for all mankind”—instead of money—is funny. Plus, as @YayYayNah tweeted, “People boycotting #BlackJesus have obviously  never watched a night of #AdultSwim – If it ain’t rufflin’ some feathers, it ain’t playin!”

But it might be harder for an older generation to fathom why anyone would portray Jesus as a weed smoker who curses nonstop and takes part in robberies. As @BishipSinegal tweeted, “#BlackJesus paints OUR God as a perverted, horny, disgusting, and fleshly street walker #Boycott the show.” 

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Though the jury’s still out on how the show will evolve, we’re certain it will be a hot topic week after week.

What did you think about the episode? Will you tune in next week for more?