First of all, I want to thank all my fellow singlistas for the wonderful support and encouraging comments on my first blog! A great big “Thank you” from the sands of Portofino! While I promise to try to keep you entertained, I’m sure there will be times when I’m going to need a virtual shoulder to cry on. I’m hoping we can make this journey together, and share some laughs along the way. One of the questions someone asked in the comments section is why I was stressed about my computer on my vacation? Because I’m a “singlista” — meaning an independent, working woman, and we support ourselves. I earn my living as a lawyer and just because I’m taking my vacation, everything I’m dealing with doesn’t just stop. Life is about responsibility, but also knowing when to draw the line. Not surprisingly, since I take good care of my clients, they understand that even I need a break. They have not been blowing up my BlackBerry or cell. I’m still working and my assistant is holding things down at the office. So, back to my trip. Yesterday was fantastic. We toured Cinque Terra, a very picturesque land of “5 Towns” along the coast of the Mediterranean in Italy. Ironically, one of the towns had this lovely trail called “Lover’s Lane,” inspired by an old Italian movie where two young lovers placed a padlock on a gate and threw the key into the sea to signify their eternal devotion to one another. The entire trail has sections of padlocks, complete with hearts and some tasteful graffiti where couples have memorialized their love. “Great,” I thought, “what I don’t need is another reminder of my single life” as I walked along the trail with my new friends, Paulo and Antonio, a lovely couple from Brazil. Just then, I looked down at the view from Lover’s Lane and was awestruck by the clear turquoise blue water as the waves crashed against the rocks. And like most moments in my life, I quickly recalled all of my infinite blessings and knew I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. God doesn’t make mistakes. I uttered “thank you” as I proceeded down Lover’s Lane knowing the best is yet to come. At dinner, Paulo, Antonio and Nona, the singlista I met at dinner the first night, enjoyed a wonderful meal outside on the boat. We talked about life and relationships. I marveled at how their relationship developed at the right time; as they were casual friends but each one was in a relationship. Add a few months, subtract two boyfriends, they ran into each other again. A month later they were living together. Twelve years and three cats later, they’re still together and seem very happy. I didn’t find myself wondering when my next date was coming along. Instead, I felt blessed. I gave thanks to the Creator for all of my blessings past, present and future. As I was proofing this post, something happened that is typical in my life and it’s pretty funny. You can’t rewrite history, so I’m not rewriting this post. I want to see how the rest of the day unfolds, but I’m going to send a picture to go along with tomorrow’s post and you’ll understand. If you can’t laugh at yourself and view life as an adventure, I feel sorry for you, because some of my best stories involve crazy things that have happened to me. I’m sure you’ll be laughing as well. Here’s a hint: I’m not sending this to my assistant to proofread, and I’m begging ESSENCE not to proofread today’s post either. If there are any typos in this post, tomorrow you will understand why. Until tomorrow, stay strong and be blessed! xoxo!!!!
Lisa Bonner is the owner of Bonner Law, PC a boutique entertainment law firm with offices in New York City.

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