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Aaron Reid, the 19-year-old son of music mogul Antonio “L.A.” Reid and eighties singer Perri “Pebbles” Reid, might just be walking in his father’s footsteps and laying the foundation for his own empire. “I’m not 15 anymore and I have a vision.”

Today that vision becomes a reality with the launch of his new business, Hello World, a network for aspiring young entrepreneurs, designers and artists who hope to provide a platform and inspire change through talent showcases, seminars and special events. A subsidiary of the Atlanta-based Young Entrepreneurs Empowerment Circle, which Reid launched with a couple of friends to serve as the homebase for future networking groups and projects.

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Since his debut on MTV’s young, rich and famous docuseries “Sweet 16” two years ago, Reid has been on a mission to upgrade the talent of his generation. “People would expect me to do what my dad does or my mom does, but I am going to do what my calling is,” he tells “It’s time for something new. I am here to help and inspire people, whether through music and fashion or just [promoting healthy ]self-esteem.”

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