Although the economy is in bad shape, it hasn’t deterred online shoppers. Surprisingly, study results released by the National Retail Federation (NRF) indicate that online sales will increase again this year. In fact, one in three online businesses expect sales to surpass their expectations.

According to experts, shoppers are becoming more comfortable with the Web and know how to navigate their way to a good deal.

This holiday season, Web-savvy shoppers might be in for more online perks. Another 2007 NRF survey discovered that nearly 80 percent of online retailers offered free shipping during the holiday season. has its own little tips for all you saleaholics. Before plunking down the cash, travel by foot to the stores and find the object of your desire. Then skip the register and jot down the product’s name. When you’re home, log on to, type the name of your item and click go. Voilà! ShopStyle does the bargain-hunting for you by showing you all the online stores selling your perfect find at rock-bottom prices.