I just arrived in London and I’m so inspired by the reason that I’m here today. Thousands of people have come to this British city to celebrate athletes from around the world who work day in and day out for years in the privacy of their own homes, gyms, neighborhood tracks in hopes that they’ll gain an opportunity of a lifetime. With nothing but strength and faith, these women and men have trained for hours, suffered and sacrificed when no one was looking. They may have ONE chance to showcase their hard work. And an outcome that in that moment may turn on pure luck. 

In today’s society we are bombarded with the idea that the “celebrity lifestyle” is normal and that in life the cameras are always on. Today I want to salute the talented people I meet and read about every day who are pursuing their passion when no one’s looking. I give props to those who are “do it like we’re doing it for tv” as Puff would say even when no one’s paying attention.

They are perfecting their craft and working hard day in and day out as if they were just paid a million bucks, only because they have a belief in something greater than themselves.

They believe a different story than the one that was told today. So as you root for Team USA this weekend, Team Jamaica, Team England, Team Botswana — whoever you support — be inspired. Dreamers keep dreaming! I salute you.