Chicago police released the 911 audio call that detailed the final moments of Laquan McDonald’s life.

Politico reports that the recording reveals a conversation between police on the scene and a female dispatcher in which the dispatcher is heard asking if “anybody [had] a Taser to help out.” 

Cop Indicted on Six Murder Counts for Laquan McDonald Shooting Death

“This guy is walking away with a knife in his hand,” the officer said. 

The dispatcher calls for officers to respond to the scene to provide assistance with a Taser rather than a deadly force. 

“Anybody close yet?…Asking for a Taser for armed offender with a knife,” the dispacther asked.

A minute later an officer says that shots have been fired by police and requests for an ambulance. 

The 17-year-old was shot and killed by police last October and dash cam video was released last month in which it was shown McDonald was struck by police bullets 16 times. 

Officer Jason Van Dyke has since been indicted on six counts of murder for McDonald’s death.