9-Year-Old Called A Hero For Potentially Saving Family From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Nine-year-old Jayline Brandão is being hailed as a hero for quickly coming to her parents’ aid after they were overcome by exposure to carbon monoxide in their Massachusetts home last week.

Winter weather caused electricity blackouts throughout the area, leading to her family’s use of a generator that is suspected to have spread carbon monoxide throughout the home on Oct. 28.

With her mother already unconscious, Jayline’s dad called out to her for help, but he became overwhelmed by the gas as well.

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Jayline reportedly grabbed her dad’s iPhone to call 911, but it could only be unlocked through face ID. However, she managed to guide his face toward the phone to make the emergency call, Boston 25 News reports.

Jayline’s mom was hospitalized but recovered consciousness. She believes her daughter saved her life—the home was filled with a fatal amount of the gas. “Oh yes she did I wouldn’t be here if she wasn’t in the house,” her mother told the news outlet.

Boston 25 also provided some generator safety tips as the winter chill spreads throughout the country: