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While we hope we understand our man’s every word and move, let’s just be honest: ladies, sometimes we miss the mark. Communication is one of the biggest challenges for any couple and believe it or not, what he says isn’t always what you think.  Here are some of common phrases from men, decoded by
He says: Give me a hug.
You think: Okay, this is definitely his sneaky way to foreplay. .
What he really means: I just want to hold you and be close to you.

He says: I think I’m ready for bed. You ready too?
You think: Great, he wants a little bedtime BJ.
He really means: Work tomorrow is going to be really hectic and I should definitely get some sleep.

He says: Do you need some help with dinner?
You think: Sure… but what does he really want? He must want me to do something for him.
What he really means: I’m starving but maybe if we work together, the food will be ready sooner.

He says: I’m in the mood for something spicy.
You think: Okay, so now he wants me to be kinky.
What he really means: Can you pick up some red peppers from the store or hand me that Tabasco from the fridge? This food needs a little flavor. .

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