8 Things to Consider If You’re Getting Butt Implants
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Brazilian butt lifts, face fillers and various other cosmetic procedures are gaining popularity amongst women both young and old. With that said, we caught up with North Carolina-based Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. John Zannis, to get the lowdown on what you should keep in mind once you’ve decided to go under the knife. Check out the do’s and don’ts below… 

Do consider a smaller city for your surgery

When it comes time for recovery, resting and avoiding stress is key. Smaller cities have a cozy, home away from home feel. Imagine going outside for a walk or sitting peacefully outside with sounds of nature instead of traffic. Being in a serene environment helps you heal.

Don’t skimp on the pre-arrival consultation and follow up communication

Verifying that you are a candidate for the procedure you want is extremely important before flying anywhere. Be ready for a few Skype consults with your surgeon, sharing pictures and keeping in touch over phone and e-mail leading up to your scheduled procedure.

Do Consider your physician’s lodging recommendations

Many doctors already have relationships with local hotels and bed and breakfasts and can make solid recommendations. Your doctor will also know the type of accommodations you’ll need: will a simple suite do or do you need a full home-style living space for longer recovery procedures?

Do fly in a couple of days before your surgery is scheduled

This allows you to meet with the doctor and staff before the big day and become comfortable with your surroundings.

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Do take the appropriate amount of time off

Dr. Zannis explains, “depending on the procedure, you’ll be able to return home in just 24 hours, while others may require a follow up visit in 7 days. You want to allow adequate healing time for any swelling and pain to subside before traveling back home.”

Don’t forget your insurance cards

Although most cosmetic procedures aren’t covered by insurance, you’ll still need your insurance information to get your prescriptions filled.

Do plan ahead and pack wisely

“It’s important to pack loose fitting zip front shirts and wide comfortable bottoms, a pillow to place between yourself and the car/plane seatbelt, a spill proof large water bottle, and throat relievers for post-op soreness,” suggests Dr. Zannis.

Do plan some nice activities and meals

Remember this is your time to relax, recover and enjoy. Think low-key and relaxing. When you get your appetite back you’ll want a great meal. As days pass and more and more healing takes place you’ll want to go for nice walks, explore nature, or just read and unwind by a fireplace or lake. These little things contribute to making you feel better and heal after a procedure. You’ll return with a new look, while feeling completely refreshed.