6 Makeup Tutorials May Bring Tears To Your Eyes

It’s not often that makeup sparks a social movement. Thanks to bloggers, beauty landscape is changing and everyday people are now using the Internet as a platform to call attention to social and world issues from LGBTQ acceptance to issues like acid attacks in India. We’ve highlighted six of our favorite, outspoken and unapologetic Youtubers, each addressing their own personal struggles and empowering people with their truths. Grab a tissue, some may move you to tears!

1.Shalom Black

A burn victim, Black has used the hashtag campaign to empower women to love themselves—particularly to love both halves of their face, the made up side and the natural side. She states early on in the video, “Makeup is not the reason why I’m happy. I love myself.”

2. Patrick Starr

The world is changing, and it’s time we begin to choose love of hate and judgment when it comes to people life choices. We love Patrick Starr’s video because he is simply embracing something that he enjoys and being unashamed about it. Starr states, “I just wanted to share my transformation of the power of makeup with you because I am a boy who loves to wear makeup.”

3. Talia Joy

Since starting her YouTube vlog, Talia lost her battle with cancer. Our prayers are with her family.

13-year-old Talia Joy inspired hundreds of thousands with her Youtube channel in addition to giving people killer beauty tips. She’s proof that inner beauty truly is best kind of beauty to have. You can learn more about her story, here.

4.Cheri Lindsay

She was one of the first to openly vlog about vitaligo. We love her honest approach to treating the condition, the maintenance of her fierce and her overall girl boss-ness. You can find more from Cheri, here.

5. Nikkie Tutorials

Beauty blogger, Nikkie Tutorials, sparked the Power of Makeup movement a year ago in response to girls who seem to be ashamed to wearing makeup. The video started a movement and women and men the world over began making up one side of their face.

6. Reshma

18-year-old Mumbai student, Reshma turned her tragedy into triumph after suffering an acid attack at the hands of her brother-in-law. She began creating makeup tutorials for girls to alert them to the dangers of acid attacks and partnered with Make Love Not Scars to further the cause.